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We're Not Evil,
just mischievous!

We make games

Working in the Unity game engine, we develop games ranging from targeting iOS, Android, Windows, and VR platforms.

Within a year of Not Evil's inception, we had released 2 mobile games, completed a 12 hour Game Jam in celebration of 100 followers on Twitch, and hosted a local game developer meetup in Plymouth in collaboration with Auroch Digital.

It's our mission to create games true to our name. We put the player experience first, ensuring that they have a fun and fair experience from the moment a game releases.

We hope you enjoy what we create!

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Dolls' Domain

Our Next Release

You find yourself in a dollhouse - can you escape, or will you meet your fate?

Navigate through the escape room style puzzles, and avoid being caught by... whoever is out there... and gain your freedom from the dollhouse!

Coming to Steam Early Access soon. WISHLIST NOW!


Our team is excited to share these projects with you, and we hope that you'll enjoy exploring the worlds we've created. So click on a game, and let the adventure begin!

Fling! The Game thumbnail

Fling! The Game

Available on iOS and Android

Cat Dash! thumbnail

Cat Dash!

Available on iOS and Android

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Postponed temporarily

Dolls' Domain thumbnail

Dolls' Domain

Wishlist on Steam!

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Demo available now on!


Our journey through game development so far...

  • 15/03/2023

    Team formed

    Not Evil Studios formed when two university module groups came together in the final year at the University of Plymouth to follow their dreams to start a game development company. Life hasn't been the same since!

  • 31/08/2023

    First game released

    Fling!, our first game, was launched out into the world! There was a lot of good feedback from the hundreds of players that journeyed through Fling! This was our first taste of what releasing a game was like, and we were hungry for more.

  • 1/11/2023

    Second game released

    We released our second product, a paid mobile game called "Cat Dash!". Players enjoyed collecting the puzzle pieces of their own pet cats we inserted into the game!

  • 31/01/2024

    12 hour Game Jam

    We completed a 12 hour Game Jam to celebrate our follower goal, and instantly fell in love with the concept of the game. And now, here we are. Present day, working hard on Dolls' Domain. A VR Horror game set in a doll house.

  • To be

Meet The Team

Christopher Oliver profile picture

Christopher Oliver

CFO, Lead Sound Designer, Co-Founder

Chris Hughes profile picture

Chris Hughes

Lead 3D Artist, Co-Founder, Programmer

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Technical Lead, Co-Founder

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Phil SC


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